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About Us

Helping You Tell Your Story

Digital marketing can be scary but it doesn't have to be!

At PAKC Solutions our team of professionals helps grow your online presence so you can focus on what's important, running your business!


Our Story

PAKC Solutions is here to help you define and sharpen your vision by bringing it to life in a way that emotionally connects with your audience. Founded in 2021, our one-stop shop for marketing and advertising brings brands into the community spotlight.

We’re passionate about helping you find your creative voice and connecting you to your audience. Guiding you step by step through modern business to help thrive in a fast-changing world. We leverage each company’s unique strengths to create a personalized path to success.

Both of us grew up in small businesses, we know how important they are to our community and to the families who operate them. When the pandemic hit, we saw a lot of well loved local businesses shut their doors for good. Without knowing how to switch to a digital platform where their customers could continue to support them, they had no other choice. So at the beginning of 2021, we decided to quit our jobs and take the leap of faith to help support our local community!

Meet The Team

Our Clients

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